What’s New at the Bali Zoo: Asian Tapir

What’s New at the Bali Zoo: Asian Tapir

Bali Zoo in Gianyar Regency has added an Asian Tapir (tapirus indicus) to its animal collection just in time for the busy Lebaran Holidays 2024.

Quoted by the National News Agency Antara, Emma Kristiniana Chandra, spokesperson for Bali Zoo, said, “We welcome the arrival of an Asian Tapir that can now be viewed at the Bali Zoo.”

Visitors to the Zoo can observe the behavior of the shy jungle-dwelling tapir renowned for its loud shrieking voice and its diet of leaves and fruit.

The black and white tapir can still be found in the jungles of Sumatra. A solitary animal, the Asian Tapir can grow to a length of 1.9-2.4 meters and 90-107 meters high. Weights can range to a maximum of 320 kilograms. 

What’s New at the Bali Zoo: Asian Tapir

The nose of the tapir resembles a small trunk, not unlike an elephant’s trunk.

The tapir joins the family of more than 600 animals across 65 species curated at The Bali Zoo.

Bali Zoo’s newest addition to its collection of fauna is a female Tapir named Yuni.

The tapir, which has a body shape not dissimilar to a rhinoceros or a giant pig, is threatened with extinction and is on the “red list” of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This species is protected under Indonesian Regulation Number 7 of 1999.

In addition to the many exotic animals at The Bali Zoo awaiting visitors over the Idul Fitri 2024 national holidays, the Zoo has implemented several facility improvements, including the addition of new ticket lockets, increasing the total from 6 to 8. Parking at the Zoo has been increased to accommodate 222 cars, 53 motorcycles, and 15 tourist buses. 

The Zoo managers planned for the number of visitors to double during the holiday period from an average of 800 – 1,000 on weekdays to 1,200 – 1,500 on weekends. 

Total zoo visitors are comprised of 50% domestic tourists and 50% foreigners/

Admission prices at The Bali Zoo remain unchanged at Rp. 140,000 for domestic adult visitors and Rp. 100,000 for domestic child visitors. Foreign nationals visiting the Zoo pay Rp 395,000 for adults and Rp. 280,000 for children, 

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