193 Earthquakes Shake E. Java Over 2 Days

193 Earthquakes Shake E. Java Over 2 Days

An official of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency  (BPBD), Abdul Muhari, told the National News Agency Antara that reports are lacking regarding damage and casualties in connection with many rapid-fire earthquakes that hit in the off-shore area of Tuban, East Java, mid-day on Friday, 23 March 2024.

193 Earthquakes Shake E. Java Over 2 Days

Reports from the BPBD field personnel confirm areas of significant property damage in East and Central Java, which has affected private homes and public facilities. Cracked structural walls and broken windows have damaged mosques and a hospital on the Island of Bawean, Gresik Regency. The earthquakes have damaged residential kitchens and destroyed a building in the Village of Tuban,

Due to the continuing series of earthquakes, the main hospital in Tuban, East Java, was evacuated to ensure the safety of patients and staff, 

The Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climate, Geophysics, and Tsunamis (BMKG) recorded eight separate earthquakes in close succession between 11:22 a.m. and 13:31 WIB on Friday. 

The first earthquake, which had an epicenter in the ocean at a depth of 10 kilometers, was 132 kilometers northeast of Tuban and had a magnitude of 6 on the Richter Scale. 

Balipost.com reports on Sunday, 24 March, that through Saturday evening, 23 March 2024,  BMKG recorded 193 after-quakes in the area near Tuban, East Java.

The earthquakes were felt across a huge area in Central Java, East Java, and Yogyakarta.

The Regent of Tuban, Aditya Halidra Faridzky, is urging the public to remain calm despite the prolonged period of aftershocks. At the same time, people in the area must remain on alert and avoid buildings showing cracks and other signs of earthquake damage.

The Regent denied and labeled news of extensive damage to roadways, crumbling apartment complexes, and tsunamis as hoaxes. “The people of Tuban remand safe and no one has been evacuated,: said Aditya.

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